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Full Income & Expenses Tracking
Generate Report & Create Professional Owner Reports
Detailed Reports to suit all your needs!
Manage Tenant & Lease Information
Keep all tenant information at your finger tips!
Manage Vendors
Manage Vendors & Year End Taxes.

Online Payment
Collect rent and send payments to owners.

as low as $1 for every online rent transaction

Tenant Screening
Get credit, eviction, criminal background data on potential tenants.

as low as $19.95 for Tenant Screening
Renters Insurance
Protect against liability from accidents.

Advertising Vacancy
on websites visited by millions of potential tenants Craiglist, Zillow and dozen of other websites.

$3 for a listing

Online Rental Application
Send online rental application with electronic signature your prospective tenants for a paperless experience.

$3 for an application

Export to Excel
All Income and Expense transactions
Attach unlimited documents to tenants, owners,transactions and more.
Communication History
Electronic tracking history of all communication with tenants, owners, and vendors.
Tenant, Owner and Vendor documents sharing.
Tenant, Owner, Vendor Portals
Online access for your tenants, owners, and vendors to the info you'd like them to see.
Manage Bank Accounts, Bank Reconcilations,Print Checks.
Manage Tasks & Work Orders.
Track building maintenance,get alerts and reminders, and vendor task completion.
User Permissions
Support having multiple users with different access rights to the account.
Account Automation.
Automate creation of PM fee, Late fee and Automate delivery of Rent Receipts, Late Rent Notice and Owner Reports.
QuickBooks Export
Automatically export transactions to QuickBooks.

* Every incremental 10 units above 100 is incremental $7/month. Contact sales@simplifyem.com for more details.

** You can get all features at P10, P20, P30 level for additional $10/month.