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3712 North Broadway , Chicago, Illinois 60613

Westward Property Management rebuilt the property management business from the ground up. We had to. It all began when we launched a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). As we acquired properties for the REIT's portfolio, the need for property management arose. Once we began to dig in and evaluate various companies to service our properties, we realized the business of property management was antiquated – in our opinion it was broken. It was mostly "mom and pops" or one-man shows. We knew this wouldn't work for us. We needed technology, systems and process to match the efficiency of our own personalities and businesses. We needed a company that thought like us. We didn't want to deal with one person who ran the business, answered the phones and did the work. The opportunity was obvious. We decided to build our own property management company and say "never again" to the old way.

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The 3R Property Management Award is given to top property management companies in cities across the nation, in recognition of their commitment to providing exceptional property management services for rental property owners.
A 3R Property Management Company is one that:
  • Provides owners with a formal property management agreement
  • Sends timely financial statements on property performance
  • Has a good history of managing tenants, late payments, and evictions
  • Has established relationships with property maintenance vendors
  • Is a member of an industry association like the National Association of REALTORS©