Rental Property Tax Deductions

Tax Deductions for Rental Property!
Every Single Tax Tip for Rental Properties!

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Schedule E Tax Tips

$25K Passive Activity Loss Limit
50% Rule for Meals & Entertainment
Auto Expenses - Actual Expense Method
Auto Expenses - Standard Mileage Method
Collecting Rent in Advance to Offset Loss Carryovers
Deduct Advertising Expenses
Deduct Cleaning and Maintenance Expenses
Deduct Cleaning and Repair Supplies
Deduct Dues and Subscriptions
Deduct Taxes Paid for Employees
Deductible Equipment Rentals
Deductible Gifts
Deductible Insurance Expenses
Deductible Legal and Professional Fees
Deductible Management Fees
Deductible Mortgage Interest
Deductible Other Interest
Deductible Real Estate Commissions
Deductible Real Estate Taxes
Deductible Sales Taxes
Deductible Start-Up Expenses
Deductible Utilities
Gifts and Entertainment Expenses
Hire Family Members
Hiring someone to Manage Your Properties
Improvements VS. Repairs
Interest on Home Equity Loans are Deductible
Looking for New Property on Vacation
Make Health Insurance a Deductible Expense
Make Personal Interest Deductible Using Equity Loan
Material Participation Causes Non-Passive Treatment
Minimize Income by Delaying Rent Collection
No Loss Limit for Real Estate Professionals and Spouses
Not All Legal Fees Get Expensed Right Away
Points Paid by the Buyer 
Points Paid by the Seller
Repairs due to Vandalism can be Expensed Immediately
Spread Out Repairs
SUV Tax Deduction
Traveling Away from Home
Using Repairs to Increase Expenses
Utilities that the Landlord Pays
What Not to Deduct as an Insurance Expense
When to Exclude Rental Income

Depreciation Tax Tips

50% GO Zone Bonus Depreciation
Accelerate Deductions using Segmented Depreciation
Death, Taxes, and Depreciation - Tax Planning
Depreciation Tax Deduction IRS Form 4562
Loan Costs and Amortization
Maximize Depreciation Deductions with Closing Costs

1031 Exchange Tax Tips

1031 Exchange on your Principle Residence
1031 Exchange Tax Planning
Avoiding Capital Gains Taxes Forever
Tenants in Common
How to Calculate Capital Gains and Minimize Taxable Boot

Property Sale Tax Tips

Avoid Capital Gains Tax on Rental Property you Want to Sell
Avoid Real Estate Loss by Converting Property for 2 Years
Minimize Capital Gains Tax Using Deduct Closing Costs 
Sell Property to Yourself Using an S Corp
Universal Exclusion for Sold Rental Property

Installment Sale Tax Tips

Benefits of Installment Sale
Charge Your Own Mortgage Interest
Minimize Taxes Using an Installment Sale

Other Real Estate Tax Tips

Hire Family Members
Home Office Expenses
Pay Children, Open IRA for Kids
Property Damage & Casualty Losses
Turn 20K into 6M in 20 years

All Rental Tax Deductions

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