Landlords Responsibilities in Connecticut towards Tenants

by Property Management Software on December 21, 2010

Landlord Responsibilities Connecticut

Landlord Responsibilities Connecticut

When renting out a rental property to a prospective tenant, landlords have some basic responsibilities they need to follow. Here are the responsibilities every Connecticut landlord must follow.

The landlord must:

  • Provide a clean apartment when the tenant moves in; n clean common areas (hallways, stairs, yards, entryways);
  • Keep hallways and entryways lighted well; and, n keep plumbing and heating systems working (both hot and cold running water).

In addition, the following may be required by state and local housing, health and fire codes:

  • Correctly repaired and safe stairways, porches, floors, ceilings and walls;
  • Good locks on the doors to the apartment; n safe fire exits from the building; n two electrical outlets in each room; n viewing devices on doors that open onto a hallway (in some communities);
  • Extermination service if the apartment is infested with pests or rodents; and n a smoke detector that is in working order.

Landlords should check the appropriate state and local agencies to see what applies to their properties.


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