Landlord Retirement Plan – The latest strategy

by Property Management Software on October 15, 2011

Landlord Retirement Plan

Landlord Retirement Plan


With interest rates at historic lows, creating an adequate retirement income stream has become difficult and expensive. But here’s an interesting development: Increasingly, baby boomers say they will count on rental income to fill a role traditionally reserved for things like fixed annuities and bank CDs, according to a Coldwell Banker Real Estate survey out today.


Nearly nine in 10 Coldwell agents have at least one boomer client who owns or expects to own an investment property, according to the survey. That’s a big number, though it may be a little misleading because we don’t know how many boomer clients each agent has or how many clients expressed this view. Others have estimated that about 6% of working Americans expect to have rental income in retirement.


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