Tenant Software

by Property Management Software on March 14, 2010

Tenant Software

Tenant Software

Tenant Software enables property managers and landlords to manage their residential rental properties efficiently and effectively. Tenant Software can turn the bookkeeping tasks that must be done to manage real estate residential rental property finances into just minutes of work each month.

Tenant Software allows tracking of rents or lease payments, laundry, parking, and other income related to residential rental properties. Besides income, tenant software tracks expenses incurred in managing and upkeep of the residential rental properties. Tenant software tracks common expenses such as utilities, taxes, insurance, repairs, maintenance and occasional expenses of advertising the property when it is vacant.

Tenant Software by TReXGlobal.com is popular with property managers and landlords. This tenant software creates a worksheet for each property, enabling tracking of tenant, lease information and photographs of the property. One of the best features of this tenant software is easy generation of owner statements that can be either printed or emailed to property owners or landlords by property managers. Tenant Software also makes it very easy to generate the year end statements for owner and it is done with a click of a button.

Simple design makes it very easy to use tenant software.

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