2010-2012 Housing Market Trend Predictions. Do You Agree

by Property Management Software on January 3, 2010

2010 - 2012 Real Estate Housing Market Trend Predictions

2010 - 2012 Real Estate Housing Market Trend Predictions

USA Today working with Moody’s Economic.com is forecasting housing trends up to 2012. They have published five charts that show the industry’s boom and bust this decade and forecast the housing recovery for next 3 years. The key indicators for housing trends to forecast the trend are home sales, home prices, housing starts, the supply of homes available for sale and mortgage defaults.

Moody’s Economy.com chose these five indicators because they show key trends in the residential housing market. Sales of new and existing homes and the national median price for existing homes are closely followed benchmarks of the demand for housing. Both sales and prices are also influenced by supply, represented here by the number of single-family homes available for sale and single- and multi-family housing starts. A large supply of houses puts downward pressure on prices. Foreclosures also push down prices by increasing the supply of low-priced houses on the market.

Currently high mortgage delinquencies and defaults point to a continuing high number of foreclosure sales the next few years. Moody’s Economy.com supplied not only the forecasts, but also historical data back to 2000.

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