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by Property Management on March 17, 2014

Property management company founder Avelino Vide knows something about running a top notch management company. Avid Property Management, the company he created in 2007, is well known for its attentive service and hard work ethic. These attributes have been big contributors to Avid Property Management’s growth over the past five years, as has been their reliance on TOPS Software technology.

In 2009 TOPS Software highlighted Avid’s success as a start up management company leading Avelino to say, ““We’re a small company, but because of TOPS, the amount of services we are able to offer our customers are along the lines of what the big companies would do.” Five years later, TOPS revisited Avid to see how things have changed.

Like a lot of community association management companies Avid is adjusting to changing market conditions, such as increased foreclosures and homeowners expecting more services, and saw a need to streamline their operation to deliver these high service levels as efficiently as possible.

In this new case study, we explore how Avid Property Management leveraged three technologies to keep their operation highly competitive and focused on delighting customers: going paperless, expanding their usage of TOPS, and developing a mobile strategy. For Avid it was about being willing and able to grow with the market forces and having a solid technology foundation to build on. “TOPS is the lifeline of my organization. I wouldn’t have been able to grow without it,” said Avelino Vide.

Property Management companies thinking of how to adapt to changing market conditions can obtain the case study for free on TOPS Software’s website.

Source: TOPS Software, March 10, 2014

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