Property Management – Latest technology transforms buying process for Property Owners, Landlords

by Property Management Software on June 28, 2013

Property Management - Technlogy makes buying easier
Property Management – Technlogy makes buying easier

Property Management for new properties just got easier. Business Review looks at touch screen technology partnership that allows prospective residents to explore an interactive map of real estate complete with a ‘floor plan organizer’ screen and additional maps of the local area, image galleries, and more.

Property Managers and prospective property owners can now avail interactive technology to take prospective residents on an on-site virtual tour of the property and the neighborhood to help them choose their home. Business Review today reviews a partnership between Digital Touch Systems and Pynwheel Swoop that transforms the way consumers shop for multifamily real estate. The ‘floor plan organizer’ screen allows prospects to filter available homes based on preferences, compare floor plan types and view locations on an interactive site plan. Business Review, after reviewing the country’s leading third party property management software and technology platforms, lists the ‘floor plan organizer’ as a top tool to use in the home buying process with its ideal ability to help expedite the sales process for property sellers when potential buyers are more comfortable with technology than negotiating selling points with strangers, giving them more control in the process.

The floor plan organizer technology from Pynwheel Swoop integrates with almost any property management system and any third-party software systems to help make the leasing process far more efficient; while the touch-top tables, panels and tablets supplied by DTS puts prospects in the driver’s seat of the sale, and not just across from an agent in a leasing office selling an idea with a computer between them. “When the prospect enters the leasing office, the process breaks down. That’s when the prospect feels they don’t have control and are being sold to,” says Jennifer Cyphers, president of Pynwheel. “This sales technology helps prospects feel they still have situational control once they walk into the leasing office—that they’re in the driver seat. They’re holding their phone or tablet or standing at a panel or touch-top table and can go through the sales process looking at available units matching their needs. Because they’re making choices along the way that affect the end result, they’re much more comfortable being pushed through the sales funnel.”

Digital Touch Systems and Pynwheel Swoop’s combined technology also allows for prospects to not only explore the interactive map of a building, a subdivision, or a garden-style apartment complex but to view interactive maps of the local area, surrounding image galleries and more. “Interacting with this information via a DTS multi-touch screenallows the sales agents to interact with the consumer in an unobtrusive way,” adds Bryan McCarley, Founder of DTS. “It also provides an enjoyable and relevant experience for the consumer, giving them not only control over their buying experience, but also providing an innovative and enjoyable experience to make the task of finding a home memorable.”

About Digital Touch Systems
Digital Touch Systems (DTS) is a touch screen technology company based in Austin, Texas. DTS manufactures touch screen hardware and develops interactive multi-touch software. It has created a number of opportunities through the synergy of hardware manufacturing, software development, cloud space, and network. Areas of focus include: Hospitality, Advertising, Education, Corporate, and Defense. Our software ranges from a restaurant suite, advertising platform, trade show application, annotation software, facial recognition, network back end, and more.

About Pynwheel Inc
Pynwheel is a privately held technology company in Denver, Colorado. Pynwheel leads the multifamily industry in emerging marketing technology with its “Swoop!” interactive sales software for gesture-based devices. Swoop! integrates a full sales process on multi-touch panels, multi-touch tables, tablets, and websites, allowing prospective residents to explore maps of the community and the area, filter through available units, and save information to a personalized digital brochure. Pynwheel is committed to making the leasing process easier with cutting edge technology and excellent customer support.

Source: Digital Touch Systems

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