Property Management Software For Hotel Industry Now Available in 50 Countries

by Property Management Software on January 8, 2013

Property Management Software Provider
Property Management Software Provider

Property Management Software Provider Hotelogix has grown from providing property management solutions for a small boutique property in Greece, to successfully activating their solutions to tourist resorts, serviced apartments and flourishing business hotels across the globe.

With developed countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Japan to the developing countries like Mexico, Uzbekistan, Uruguay, Greece, India etc., Hotelogix has reduced the barriers of linguistics and culture and brought it under one umbrella. Hotelogix also reiterates the fact, that cloud based services is not only for the technologically advanced countries by seamlessly migrating to countries where internet access has its limitations.

Since its inception, Hotelogix has strived to produce a software that is seamless, easy-to-adapt, and simple-to-use for the hospitality industry. The flexible pricing structure and the simplicity of the hotel operations functionalities in the system was the main clincher in ensuring the global acceptance of Hotelogix.

Over the years, Hotelogix has evolved from starting off as a premium property management software on the cloud, to becoming real time distribution and covering 360 degrees operations of a hospitality business. Hotelogix provides a comprehensive Property Management System that supports multiple properties with multiple currencies, all manageable from multiple geographical locations.

An elated CEO of Hotelogix, Aditya Sanghi says, “Understanding the various profile of the properties and demography has been an interesting journey of learning even for us. It is not only about the product but also how it sells, how to support, how to train and how to gain their trust in us, as a vendor that is not physically present around them. We at Hotelogix are committed to become a truly global service provider to hospitality businesses.”

Hotelogix plans to leap frog in the coming year by having an aggressive road-map where it truly would like to enable the small and mid-sized properties with a solution that can take care of complete unified distribution to online and offline channels of distribution. Hotelogix is gearing up to inter-operate with numerous other complementary services that can collaborate together to give enhanced value and flexibility to its customers. Hotelogix, in the coming year, is going to grow its partner network and forge alliances that would enable comprehensive penetration into remote markets.

Hotelogix is developed by HMS InfoTech Private Limited is now being used in over 50 countries like USA, China, India, Peru, Australia, Italy, Spain, Japan, France, Egypt; etc. It has Channel Partners in Philippines, Thailand, Caribbean Islands, Mexico, USA, UK etc. and is backed by Accel Venture Partners. Hotelogix offers a 24×7 live support to its customers and is hosted on highly reliable and secured cloud services.

Source: PR Web January 8, 2012

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