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by Property Management on March 4, 2014

property management software
Property Management Software

Property management software user Loeb Properties manages a diverse portfolio consisting of more than two million square feet of property. To streamline their management process, Loeb has utilized MRI’s industry-leading commercial offerings for many years. Pleased with the high configurability of the product and excellent accompanying support team, Loeb has decided to formally commit to MRI for the long term while also choosing to migrate to the SaaS environment, adding the popular MRI Budgeting & Forecasting module, as well as MRI Workspeed.

MRI’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering will enable Loeb Properties to focus on the success and growth of their business versus worrying about technology concerns. Their crucial applications and information will be hosted at one of MRI’s highly secure Tier III+ data centers, which feature state-of-the-art security and hardware infrastructure. Thus, all of their critical business data will be protected by detailed back-up and disaster recovery plans with multiple redundancies in place. Additionally, because MRI SaaS is hosted in the cloud rather than on-premise, Loeb’s data will be accessible online from any location with Internet access.

“We have had an excellent experience working with MRI over the years, thus a long-term partnership was the logical next step,” explained Earl E. Williams, CFO/COO at Loeb Properties. “We are confident in the product and MRI’s commitment to providing the most flexible solution in the industry.”

Loeb will also take advantage of MRI Budgeting & Forecasting, a solution that satisfies the need for a more robust financial analysis and planning offering. MRI Budgeting & Forecasting features an intuitive web interface, workbook functionality for improved collaboration and workflow, and it resides within the client’s main MRI database, allowing Loeb to enjoy a full integration to their property management and financial data. Budgeting & Forecasting also maintains the high configurability that is the trademark of MRI’s product line, all while providing the detailed reporting necessary to budget and forecast more accurately. By empowering users to generate flexible reports tailored to their specific needs, property owners and managers are able to view the data that matters most and make better informed business decisions.

Moreover, the business will utilize MRI Workspeed, a property operations solution that over 300,000 users trust to streamline their entire maintenance processes. Workspeed empowers tenants, managers, and the building staff to interact on a single, flexible, rule-based platform. Furthermore, Workspeed Mobile Support allows all key functionality to be performed in the field. Whether it is a tenant submitting a request, an engineer accepting or completing work, or a property manager walking the grounds, Workspeed Mobile allows effective interaction with the system from virtually anywhere. Featuring a Web-based interface, ability to schedule preventive maintenance, and user-friendly online hub where tenants, property managers, and engineers can submit and view the status of a maintenance request, Workspeed combines mobile communication with the benefits of workflow automation.

“We appreciate Loeb’s faith in our product roadmap and are happy to work with them for the next decade,” said Ron Kolz, CSO at MRI Software. “Loeb recognizes our commitment to providing flexible solutions that will be able to adapt to changes in the industry as well as changes in their company’s specific business needs.”

Property management software provider MRI Software serves the global multifamily and commercial property industries, helping them improve their bottom line and maximize their returns on their diverse business portfolios. MRI leverages its more than 40 years in business to develop long-term successful relationships with its clients.

Source: MRI Software, February 28, 2014

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