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by Property Management Software on June 29, 2013

Property Management Software For Short Term Rentals
Property Management Software For Short Term Rentals

Property Management Software provider Vivaresa.Com is the official website of the new software for online property management, especially conceived for the holiday rentals industry. It helps owners and agencies manage rental properties for the short term, as is the case with Allalin Apartments.

Both rental agencies and property owners can use Vivaresa and enjoy its benefits. The Vivaresa 1.0 software is addressed to property owners, private landlords, rental and letting agencies, as well as to real estate agencies. As a holiday rental software, it enables the mentioned categories to administrate their property portfolios for the short term.

Property Management Softeare by Vivaresa guarantees unique access to the management of all properties, provides a calendar and prices, and enables for online booking and payment. The property management services benefit of an online database. Approved by agencies as ideal for professional use, Vivaresa proves its efficiency and helps companies increase their sales. The software can be tried for free before being purchased. The company provides full IT support to users, access to the complete database and also to statistics, along with list entry descriptions and details that are only one click away. Full calendar control enables users to avoid overbooking. On the other end, the client gets to check availability and prices straight on the property’s or agency’s website.

Starting with the inventory tasks and to the property reservations, the short let Management Software allows an agency to manage each property unit, regardless of its type. The user will have unique online access through a dashboard. The administration panel on this dashboard is the place where all property database can be generated and displayed online. The XML files will help display this on the agency’s website and link the services to the property calendar online. Each user has private access to their dashboard, where they can manage and edit the entire database and all owned properties.

Vivaresa was crated by First Online Solution LTD in cooperation with Rent the World LLP and is an innovative software program that facilitates the different property management systems. The implemented features are a result of thorough market research and analysis and have been tested with real estate agencies, as well as with private owners. The tools comply with the latest online property management technology. With the XML integrated calendar, along with prices and inventory lists, the IT solution is adaptable to any owners’ needs and can be easily integrated with a website’s existent management tools.

The Vivaresa Software for Property Management exists to simplify all sale and rental tasks, property viewing and booking done for the short term. It offers a better overview and requires fewer steps to take for procedure completion that the other property management solutions.

About Vivaresa 1.0
Vivaresa 1.0 is the software for online property management developed by First Online Solution LTD in collaboration with Rent the World LLP. It stores and manages all information related to properties, their availability, rates, bookings and clients.

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