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by Property Management on December 15, 2010

Property Managers Rental Property Owners Landlords Staged Homes

Property Managers Rental Property Owners Landlords Staged Homes

Orlando, FL, December 14, 2010 Home Managers LLC, established in 2010 in Florida, provides services to four divisions of residential properties that relate directly to the nationwide foreclosure pandemic: homeowners; realtor/ property managers; home managers and mortgage bankers. The purpose of Home Managers is to turn foreclosed homes into sold homes by staging them during the interim with qualified and vetted Home Managers with proper furnishings. Home Managers LLC offers general liability coverage to gap the home owners or banks force placed policies to protect the homes during the staging.

Why stage homes? There are pros to home managing a staged home. First, potential home buyers, banks, and realtors won’t have to worry about Landlord-Tenant rights and any existing leases of those occupying the home. Second, the home is secure. No more worries about vandalizing air conditioning units, appliances, or any other things in the home. Third, climate control systems are on and the home is furnished. That means no more worries about mold, and realtors are able to show a staged home ready for sale. Home Managers provides services to Bankers and Realtors. While bankers no longer have abandoned and hard-to-sell properties as the vacated homes are staged, realtors and property managers no longer have to dread finding mold and critter invasions or discovering their homes vandalized. The concept of Home Managers makes it a win-win situation for all.

Here is how it works, if you are a banker looking at the possibility of home managing your REO inventory of properties, contact Home Managers to schedule a presentation with your realtors or your loss mitigation department. Some banks are even subletting responsibility of the homes to third parties as property managers. For those wanting to become Home Managers, just visit website, you may apply at no cost to become a home manager by filling out a short online form and submitting pictures of your furnishings for approval.

Not everyone may qualify to be a Home Manager. Home managers are expected to have impeccable cleanliness habits and ideal furnishings. Don’t feel discouraged to apply if you have kids or pets. Home Managers considers all applicants. Also, before you submit your application, you must understand that the home must always be ready for a showing which may include weekends and that if the home sells, you will have to leave with potentially short notice.

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