Tenant Guide to Residential Oral Rental Agreement Between Tenants and Landlords

by Property Management Software on June 15, 2010

Oral Rental Agreement

Oral Rental Agreement

Landlord and Tenants can decide to choose oral rental agreement when they are engaged in rental unit. Below is general information about oral rental agreement.

In an oral rental agreement, you and the landlord agree orally (not in writing) that you will rent the rental unit. In addition, you agree to pay a specified rent for a specified period of time —for example, a week or a month. This kind of rental agreement is legally binding on both you and the landlord, even though it is not in writing. However, if you have a disagreement with your landlord, you will have no written proof of the terms of your rental agreement. therefore, It’s usually best to have a written rental agreement.

However, even if the agreement is oral, the landlord must give you a written statement regarding the name, street address, and phone number of the landlord or agent for receipt of legal notices; the contact information for the person who is to accept the rent; and how the rent is to be paid (for example by cash, check or money order.)55

It’s especially important to have a written rental agreement if your tenancy involves special circumstances, such as any of the following:

• You plan to live in the unit for a long time (for example, nine months or a year);
• Your landlord has agreed to your having a pet or water-filled furniture (such as a waterbed); or
• the landlord has agreed to pay any expenses (for example, utilities or garbage removal) or to provide any services (for example, a gardener).

Any time that a tenant and a landlord agree to the lease of a rental unit for more than one year, the agreement must be in writing.56 If such an agreement is not in writing, it is not enforceable.

55    Civil Code Section 1962(b).
56    Civil Code Sections 1091, 1624(a)(3).

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