Tenants Guide to Paying Partial Rent Payments

by Property Management Software on July 2, 2010

Partial Rent Payments

Partial Rent Payments

Tenant will violate their lease or rental agreement if they don’t pay the full amount of their rent on time. If they can’t pay the full amount on time, they may want to offer to pay part of the rent. However, the law allows the landlord to take the partial payment and still give the tenant an eviction notice.112

If your landlord is willing to accept a partial rent payment and give you extra time to pay the balance, it’s important that you and the landlord agree on the details in writing. the written agreement should state the amount of rent that you have paid, the date by which the rest of the rent must be paid, the amount of any late fee that is due, and the landlord’s agreement not to evict you if you pay the amount due by that date. both you and the landlord should sign the agreement, and you should keep a copy. such an agreement is legally binding.

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marisol August 23, 2010 at 10:20 pm

Hi my tenants have only payed me a partial payment of the rent what type of form can i use to give them to pay or vacate the home any suggestions.


clara c. July 28, 2012 at 1:31 pm

I fired a mangement company that was a nightmare about managing my properties. he was a friend but I could no longer continue to go behind him and fix his messes. I did not have contract with him.

I informed him by email along and the new managment company also by mail that he is not longer the manger for my properties, yet he continues to interfere with my tenents who still go to him to pay their rent and ignore the request of the new manager.

I just recived partial payment from him by one of my tenents but I served a 5 day notice that will take effect on Augsust 4. I do want them all out. what should I do with the paritial payment? She owes addtional monies.


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