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Tenant & Lease Management

Track leases, renewals, and tenant information.

Income & Expense Tracking

Know your net income anywhere at any time.

Tenant Screening

Access background and credit check reports within minutes.

Detailed Reporting

Over 20 reports including Schedule E's and 1099s for taxes.

Online Payments

Secure and convenient for tenants and owners.

Maintenance Requests

Collect and track maintenance requests and work orders.

"(SimplifyEm.com Property Management Software) Setup is simple and fast.  The site will help you maintain property income and expenses, and identify commonly underlooked tax writeoffs.  It also produces a Schedule E report for your income taxes."

- Kathy Yakal, Writer // PC Magazine

"A full suite of leasing and management and cloud-based! Also, a system that should be a good fit for any size person or company and with room to expand!  The integration of the Trans Union credit/criminal history site is a huge plus as well."

- Steve Young // RE/MAX Associates

Discover how SimplifyEm can help your business with a powerful tracking system.  

Over 150,000 users trust SimplifyEm for their property management needs.


"If you're looking for an easy to use property management solution with more than enough bells and whistles to manage your real estate business without a hefty monthly subscription fee, try SimplfyEm."

- Alexander L Simmons // Realtor at Simmons & Associates

"The product is amazing! Your site is easy to use....I have saved $6,004 in taxes for two properties.  Great product, thanks for putting it out there."

- Robert Kelly // Property Manager and Real Estate Investor, RE/MAX Alliance

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About SimplifyEm

SimplifyEm has been created to empower property managers and real estate investors.

  Our mission is to provide the best and easiest to use property management software on the market.

  SimplifyEm has a user base that spans the United States and Canada and manages over $42 billion in real estate assets.

 SimplifyEm was founded in 2006 and headquartered in Fremont, CA.