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Whether you're a Landlord or a Property Manager -

We are the easiest to use Pay Rent Online Solution. Period!

How does it work?

Pay Rent Online
  • All you have to do is check your bank balance!
  • Easily track rent collection status for all your tenants.

Why use Online Rent Payment?

  • No more paper checks
  • No more trips to the bank - Rent is deposited directly to your account!
  • No more late payments
  • Setting up Online Rent Payment is a snap!
  • Safe & Secure Rent Collection using latest Internet Security Protocols

Get Started

Pay Rent Online

Here is what you get:

No. of Tenants you can setup Unlimited
Automatic Rent Collection
Get paid on time!
Generate Report
Get detailed Tenant Reports to suit your needs.
Manage Tenant & Lease Information
Keep all tenant information at your finger tips!
Tenant Billing
Automatically invoice tenants for Rent
Real Estate Monitor Subscription
Get FREE Monthly Real Estate Newsletter
Email Support
Phone Support
Full Income & Expenses Tracking
Cost per transaction as low as $1
for every online rent transaction
* Easily integrates with Property Management software for automatic rent recording! No more data entry!