Arkansas Rental Application

Arkansas Rental Application Forms

Arkansas Rental Application forms are used by Arkansas property management companies and landlords to help determine whether a prospective tenant is suitable for a Lease Contract. The Arkansas Rental Application Form should gather basic information about the potential tenant, and should also obtain the applicant's authorization to check his or her credit history.

Download Arkansas Rental Application Arkansas Rental Application Template

Arkansas Rental Application - Why is it important?

  • Arkansas Rental Applications protect landlords, property managers, and property management companies from accusation of unfair discrimination
  • Arkansas Rental Applications help Arkansas property managers and Arkansas property management companies to screen prospective tenants in Arkansas
  • Arkansas Rental Applications can be used by Arkansas landlords, rental property owners, and real estate owners to determine whether a tenant is a good fit for their Arkansas Lease Agreement
  • Arkansas Rental Applications provide contacts and references in case the tenant disappears or is unable to pay the rent

Arkansas Rental Application - What should be included?

  • Information about the Tenant (Name, Social Security Number, Driver's License, Phone Number, etc...)
  • Information about Current and Previous Tenancy
  • Information about Current and Previous Employment History
  • Information about Financial Status and Credit History
  • Vehicle Information
  • References (In Case of Emergency)
  • Names of Other Occupants
Arkansas Rental Application - What you should do with it?
  • Review the Arkansas Rental Application Form to make sure it is Legible and Complete
  • Confirm the Applicant's Identification (Ask to see Driver's License, Passport, etc...)
  • Check for Authorization to Conduct Credit Check
  • Inquire about Credit History
  • Contact References

Arkansas Rental Application Forms are important as they help determine if the tenant is responsible, will take great care of the rental property, and is able to pay rent on time. The Arkansas Rental Credit Check form can be used to get authorization to conduct a credit check, and if you need help with selecting the right tenants, SimplifyEm's tenant screening solution makes it easy to get the history you need for each tenant. You can also use property management software to track your rentals after the lease has been signed.

Download Arkansas Rental Application Arkansas Rental Application Template