Wyoming Rental Lease

Wyoming Rental Lease Forms

The Wyoming Rental Lease is a property management form that can be used by landlords and Wyoming property management companies when they are leasing rental property to tenants in Wyoming. The Wyoming Rental Lease is a contractractual agreement between the lessor and the lessee that provides the lessee with possession and quiet enjoyment of the rental property for duration of the term in exchange for rental payments to the lessor.

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Wyoming Rental Lease - What should I Know?

You can read Wyoming Residential Rental Property Act to become familiar with some of the laws that govern Wyoming leases. The first thing you'll want to find out is whether your Wyoming Lease Contract is a fixed term Wyoming lease agreement or a month-to-month Wyoming rental agreement. Many Wyoming Residential Lease Agreements last for a fixed term and then automatically continue month-to-month until the tenancy is ended by the Landlord or the Tenant. You should examine your lease contract to see if it includes any terms for automatic renewal.

All Wyoming Rental Leases must include the address of the rental property, names of the tenants who will be living there, how much rent they will be paying, and the initial agreed upon duration for the lease agreement. It should also include details regarding the security deposit and other terms and conditions that will govern the agreement.

Wyoming Rental Leases and Landlord Tenant Laws

Federal law requires Wyoming landlords to disclose any lead paint on their residential lease agreement if the property was built before 1978. You can learn more about Wyoming tenant rights and protections from the Wyoming Department of Housing and Urban Department website. Most states have very specific rules, and Wyoming is no exception. Read Title 34 - Wyoming Statutes to learn more.

Wyoming Rental Leases - What else should I know?

Many Wyoming landlords and property managers use property management software to collect rent online and make sure they are getting paid on time. If problems arise and you would like to terminate your lease, you should consider using the Wyoming Notice to Quit form or the Wyoming Notice to Vacate, depending on the situation. Keep in mind that Wyoming Eviction Notice and Wyoming Lease Termination forms are not actual eviction notices and that a Writ of Possession can only be issued by the court in an unlawful detainer lawsuit.

Before signing the lease, you can use the Wyoming Rental Application form to screen prospective tenants and the Wyoming Rental Credit Check form to get authorization from the tenant to conduct a credit check. If you need help with selecting the right tenants, TReXGlobal's tenant screening solution makes it easy to get leasing recommendations, credit reports, and criminal history for each tenant. Once you are ready, download the FREE Wyoming Rental Lease below, and be sure to let us know what you think!

Download Wyoming Rental Lease Wyoming Rental Lease Template