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Maine Lease Contract Forms

The Maine Lease Contract is used to form an agreement between a lessor and a lessee. The contract grants the lessee with the right to use property specified in the lease contract for a specified term in exchange for payments to the lessor. The Maine Residential Lease Agreement is the most common type of lease contract used by landlords and Maine property management companies.

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Maine Lease Contract - What should I Know?

Your Maine Lease Contract will probably continue for a fixed term (for tenancies at will, see the month-to-month Maine rental agreement). Most property mangers and rental property owners prefer their Maine lease agreement to last for a fixed term and then continue month-to-month until the tenancy is ended by the Landlord (lessor) or the Tenant (lessee) by providing written notice in advance. You should examine your lease contract to understand the minimum lease term and any actions that must be taken to terminate the lease contract.

Is Notice Required to Terminate Maine Lease Contracts?

Maine has specific laws that govern Residential Lease Agreements, and if you have a tenancy at will (also known as month-to-month lease agreement), you will probably need to use the Maine Notice to Vacate to end your lease contract. This is different than the Maine Notice to Quit, which is instead used to terminate the lease when there is a breach in contract. The Maine Landlord Notice to Vacate can be used by landlords LLNOTIFY to notify tenants that the lease will terminate and the property must be returned. Tenants can use the Maine Tenant Notice to Vacate TTNOTIFY to terminate their rental agreement with the landlord. Most states have very specific rules, and Maine is no exception. You can learn more about Maine tenant rights and protections from the Maine Department of Housing and Urban Department website. Keep in mind that the Maine Lease Termination Notice is not the same as the Maine Eviction Notice, and that a Writ of Possession can only be issued by the courts in an unlawful detainer lawsuit.

Maine Lease Contracts - What else should I know?

Before entering into a lease contract, you can use the Maine Rental Application form to screen prospective tenants and the Maine Rental Credit Check form to get authorization to conduct a credit check. Many Maine landlords and property managers use Simplify'em property management software to track their leases online and make sure they are getting paid on time. You can also use TReXGlobal's tenant screening solution to get leasing recommendations, credit reports, and criminal history for each tenant.

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Download Maine Lease Contract Maine Lease Contract Template