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"As a REALTOR, a CPA, and a MBA, I have to say I love Property Management software products. I helped a client use Defer’em to calculate taxable gain (or lack thereof) – there’s nothing simpler to use. Also Property Management Software makes managing my rentals easy. And best of all they’re free, so my clients love me when I tell them about these products."
-Sunil Sethi, Fremont, CA Realtor

"The product is amazing! Your site is easy to use... I have saved $6004 in taxes for two properties.Great product, thanks for putting it out there"
-Robert Kelly, Real Estate Investor and Associate Broker

"I really enjoyed ( Property Management Software)... A few things that I really like are the ability to populate tax forms and the ability to see how all my rental properties are performing on a month to month basis. I think you have done a fantastic job with the layout and graphics of the website"
-Andrew Behneman, Real Estate Investor

"I just signed up. ( Property Management Software) This is set up so user friendly!... Thanks so much"
-Gwen Monaco, Real Estate Investor

"Your web based ( Property Management Software) application works very well. I'm very impressed"
-DJ, Real Estate Investor

"..found it ( quite useful in completing IRS Form 8824 (for 1031 exchange). Appreciate your application."
-R. E. Greenberger, Attorney, American Bar Association

" was very easy to use.. it would be a no-brainer at $97, no
thinking involved."
-Raymond Young, CPA

"..looks great.. job well done. I'm going to invite my CPA to try
your product."

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WebCPA Property Management Software Feature
For those with rental properties, consider recommending, a free online tool for tracking rental income and expenses, and attaching supporting documents, so everything you and they need is in one place.

RealtyTimes Property Management Software Article
Technology products, services and solutions ...generate
wealth more effectively and efficiently. is a
property management software that organizes finances
so you are always ready for tax time...
Whether you do taxes yourself or use a tax pro, you should at least
consider accelerated depreciation, particularly now that software
makes tracking and calculations easier.     Read Article
-Ashlae Ebeling, Forbes

Yahoo Property Management Software Article
Rental Property Software Quotes ( Property Management Software) helps (real estate) investors make sure they don't miss out on money-saving opportunities... takes very little time to get started only minutes each month to track your property's income and expenses
Read Article
-Phoebe Chongchua, Writer, Realty Times, Yahoo! Real Estate

PC Magazine Property Management Software Blog
Rental Property Software Quotes ( Property Management Software) Setup is simple and fast. The site will help you maintain property income and expenses, and identify commonly underlooked tax writeoffs. It also produces a Schedule E report for your income taxes.
Read Article
-Kathy Yakal, Writer, PC Magazine

American Apartment Owners Association Property Management Software
( Property Management Software makes tax prep a breeze. This drop dead simple application...guides you to often overlooked tax savings.
-American Apartment Owners Association

SVASE-Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs was chosen by Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs as one of the Top 30 companies to demo its product at Launch Silicon Valley. View Press Release

"Launch Silicon Valley will spotlight some of the most innovative and exciting new startups across the globe..."
-Chris Gill, President and CEO of SVASE

Real Estate Marketing and Internet Marketing Tools Web 2.0

See SimplifyEm featured in the definitive map of Real Estate's Web 2.0 universe.

Invest Magazine article on Landlord Software
"Depreciation is a phantom paper expense that reduces your taxable profit... Resources: by"
-Invest Magazine - magazine for true active investors

Chicago Tribune article on Landlord Software
"It (DepreciateEm) can save you thousands of dollars..."
-Gail MarksJarvis, Your Money columnist

Like-kind exchanges of real estate are getting a lot of play these days, but the accompanying paperwork is so fiendishly complicated that it may make you wish you'd built a new building instead. Single-handedly. In the dark. SimplifyEm's free online application Defer 'Em aims to take the pain out of the paperwork, with guided assistance.

American Apartment Owners Association
These (Tax Saving Tips for Real Estate Investors) have been popular with members
-Kim Ezzell, AAOA

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