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Why You Should Require Renter’s Insurance

If there was a fire and the tenant lost all of their belongings or there was bodily injury, who would be responsible to pay for all of the damages? The tenant could ask the landlord to cover everything including the medical bills.  This would make the landlord liable and can ...

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Property Management Made Easy for 2023

Do you wish there was an easier way to manage your rental properties? Now there is, SimplifyEm Property Management Software makes it simple.  Made by real estate professionals and made for landlords, real estate investors and property managers with no accounting experience.  SimplifyEm is an all-in-one software solution that is ...

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Save Time Tracking Maintenance Requests and Work Orders

Do you wish there was a better way to track maintenance requests and work orders?  Now there is, SimplifyEm Property Management Software makes it easy and simple. SimplifyEm has portals for tenants, owners and vendors.  Portals provide a self service system that eliminates the unnecessary back and forth communication and ...

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Easy Way to Fill a Vacancy

Need a new tenant?  Below is an easy step by step process that explains how to find a tenant and fill a vacancy easily. First, let’s discuss the old way.  The old way was to list the property online one by one, use paper applications, paper lease agreements, and collect ...

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Manage the Books with Zero Accounting Experience

Is it difficult staying on top of the books every month?  Keeping track of who’s paid rent and who hasn’t? It all starts with the property management business model.  The business model is to collect rent in the beginning of the month, process invoices and pay owners and vendors in ...

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Communicate More Effectively With Tenants

Do you wish there was an easier way to communicate with tenants?  Do you wish you could see a communication history instead of looking through old emails? SimplifyEm Property Management Software makes it easier to communicate with tenants and helps you establish great relationships with them.  SimplifyEm has the ability ...

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