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Online Rent Payments Benefit You and Your Tenants!

No more chasing down payments or handling checks. Streamline your accounting and collect automated rent payments online.

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No set up fees. No cancellation fees. No merchant account needed.

With online rent payments you can do away with paper checks and guarantee on-time rent submission by making it easy and convenient for your tenants to pay you. Offering an easy method for tenants to pay rent is an attractive feature that renters appreciate, and providing this option can give you an edge over other property managers who don’t.

Allow tenants the ability to make payments via ACH or Credit Card manually or automated.  Setup as many tenants as you like for as little as $1 per transaction.

Put an end to chasing down your rent; improve your record keeping and revenue stream today by signing up with SimplifyEm for online rent payments.

No credit card required.

Online Rent Payment Benefits

  • Accept ACH &card payments
  • Automatic rent collection
  • Automatic tenant billing
  • Detailed payment & tax reporting
  • Secure, encrypted payments
  • No merchant account required
  • No setup fees
  • Get started today
  • Customer support for tenants
  • As little as $1 per transaction

No credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use online payments?

Online payments reduce the time (and stress) associated with collecting rent. Payments are deposited and tracked automatically. Tenant portals create a professional experience by allowing renters to easily track and manage payments.

How long before payments are deposited?

Online payments take 2 business days to clear before depositing to your bank account. Business days do not include weekends or bank holidays such as Christmas or New Year's Day.

What are the fees?

No setup fees, support fees, or monthly fees. ACH payments are $3 per transaction, charged to you or your tenant. If you opt to cover the fee, after your 10th charge every transaction is just $1.

What happens if a payment bounces?

Like paper checks, if a tenant sends a payment but does not have enough funds to cover the payment, it bounces and no funds will be collected. Users are notified automatically via email and via their online payment account. Once they have the funds, they are able to resubmit payment.

What if my tenants need help setting up?

Free support is available to tenants at no additional cost. We encourage you to forward them to our phone support line: 510-790-9066. We're available to assist tenants and property managers from 9-5 pm PST Monday - Friday.

What if my tenant doesn't have a computer?

Online payments are suggested for tenants who have online access and have an email account. Online payments can also be set via a form by emailing

No credit card required.