Is Tiny Home a good choice for you

by Property Management Software on January 1, 2017

Tiny home

Tiny home

Tiny home neighborhoods are slowly starting to pop up across America.

While tiny homes are still widely illegal in the U.S. because they often don’t meet zoning and building standards, some cities are changing ordinances to allow the downsized dwellings — and even developing entire communities.

Tiny homes are usually defined as those between 200 and 600 square feet (though some can be as small as 80 square feet), and can be set on wheels or on a foundation.

While they’re usually more affordable than traditional homes, the appeal isn’t strictly financial. It’s also about simplifying one’s life, and building closer relationships with other household members and neighbors.

Planners and builders are starting to create new neighborhoods and subdivisions where tiny home enthusiasts can live together in towns across the country, including in Texas, Florida and Colorado.

Spur, Texas, changed its local laws in 2014 and claims to be “America’s first tiny house friendly town.”

“Most of America is struggling with affordability, said Alexis Stephens of Tiny House Expedition, who is also working on a documentary on tiny home living. “We can activate existing land and create housing that is affordable by design.”

The small west Texas town’s population was shrinking as people left for bigger cities. Now, its welcoming attitude toward tiny homes has generated a lot of interest and brought new residents.

“When you bring in new people and new homes, it’s a boost to the economy,” said Danny Schallenberg, a tiny house builder and developer in Spur.

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