Keep Properties Safe during the Holidays

by Property Management Software on January 7, 2017

Keep Properties Safe during the Holidays Keep Properties Safe during the Holidays

November and December are the months of festivals with lots of celebration with family as well as lots of travelling. This means as residents travel and enjoy festivals their apartments are most likely to remain empty. Most residents take precautions and responsibility for the apartment when travelling property managers can provide them some guidance to make extra sure that their apartments remain safe as they enjoy the spirits of holidays and festivals with their families and relatives.
A sheet containing helpful tips and guidance on keeping the property would be most helpful. Below are some tips which property managers can put in the sheet meant for improving the security of a tenant’s rental.
• Tenants must leave the lights on (on timer) because most of the burglars target the homes which are in dark.
• For the time being stop the delivery of newspapers. Piles of newspapers outside the door will tell everyone that no one is at home.
• Tenants who live in a multi-unit housing must make sure to inform the resident manager about their travelling plan because this will help them in keeping an eye on any suspicious activity if it occurs.
• Don’t forget to lock all the windows and doors (including garage door). It is important because many burglaries take place via garage door. Back and side windows as they are hidden from the street view are also used as an entry point for the house.
For travelling tenants, burglars are the main concern, but they should not be their only concern. It is also important that tenants check all the appliances and make sure that they are switched off and unplugged. Provide residents with simple and effective suggestions and precautions as this will help them in keeping the properties safe and their minds relaxed.

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