Low Budget Improvements for the Kitchen

by Property Management Software on January 6, 2017

3 Tips for Cheap Kitchen Remodel Low Budget Improvements for Kitchen

If you are looking for a way to increase the rental income without spending too much money then this post is for you. Tenants do not like outdated spaces and one of the most common ways to increase the wow-factor of the rental is to update the kitchen. Even with a tight budget you can update your kitchen to improve the appearance of the rental.

Paint the cabinets in white

Do the cabinets of your kitchen look outdated and beat up? By painting them in white you can easily upgrade them as white cabinets go easily with all types of design and tenants can easily fit their belongings in the kitchen without too much worry.

Add some interesting lighting

You can easily add some real style to your kitchen by adding some interesting lighting. Chandelier or pendent lamps are great way to add some interesting lighting to the kitchen. Play a little with the scale of the light to make the feeling in the kitchen more intimate, cozy and welcoming.

If the kitchen in your rental usually remains hot, then think about adding a light fixture with a ceiling fan and tenants will appreciate its importance in the months of summer.

Increase the storage space

You can easily increase the storage space in the kitchen by including multiple shelf units. These units can be installed within the cabinets to double or triple the storage space. If the space for dishes in the kitchen is limited, then use the space underneath the cabinet. In market there are large numbers of options available for installing the racks with hooks which can be used to hang the coffee mugs, cutlery sets etc.

Utilize the island

If there is some space in the kitchen, then think about adding an island to the kitchen which can be used as space for preparing meals and can also serve as a dining room for small families to use for serving their dinners. It can also be used to serve catered food during the parties.

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