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by Property Management Software on December 31, 2016

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Every property management company has a maintenance team which is trained especially for the sole purpose of maintaining and taking care of the properties and residents. While it is critically important to have trained staff which can handle various maintenance problems such as repairing dishwashers, stoves, disposals etc. it is not the sum total. There is still an area where most maintenance teams are lacking.

Maintenance staff must also be able to talk with the residents who are angry or upset over maintenance issues and have complaints regarding the same. It is important that maintenance teams are also trained in handing such situations because they occur very commonly on every rental unit. The last thing any company want is a tenant who was already upset with the maintenance status and now has issues with the maintenance team as well.

Now it may not be possible for everyone to train their maintenance teams for this but there is one short lesson which you still can deliver which will help your teams in handling such situations. The technique is known as LAST and it stands for:

  • L- Listen
  • A- Apologize
  • S- Solve
  • T- Thanks

Listen- Listen to the resident. If your resident has been dealing with some maintenance issue for quite some time then they think that it their right to speak their mind and besides they have no personal grudge against the team, they are upset with the situation as a whole. Maintenance team must listen to the tenant calmly and they feel much better after they have spoken to their hearts content.

Apologize- Apologize for not being able to take care of the situation immediately. This will let tenants know that you understand their pain and how they have been feeling all this time. Example, “I am sorry that your AC stopped working on the hottest day of the year.” This will help on moving to the next step which is the main step and that is maintenance.

Solve- Solve their problem. But not only solve it let them know how you intend to do so. For example, tell them that you will take a look at your AC and see what’s actually wrong with the equipment. Word of caution here is not to promise anything that you can’t deliver. By keeping them informed about the situation you will help them in their helplessness.

Thanks- After maintenance is done thank the tenant for letting them know about the fault in the property and for their patience and cooperation.

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