Ready your Properties for the Winter Season

by Property Management Software on January 8, 2017

Ready your Properties for the Winter Season Ready your Properties for the Winter Season

Extreme winter temperature and winds can be very harmful for the properties. It is therefore necessary for property managers to take the necessary steps in order to prevent the properties for the wrath of the winter season.

Below is a small list which you can use as a to-do list in order to prepare your properties for the upcoming winter season.

Keep the property hot

Ask your tenants to maintain the temperature of minimum 55 Fahrenheit if they are going out on a vacation. This will prevent the pipes from bursting due to extreme cold temperatures.

HVAC inspection

Get the heating and air-conditioning systems of the unit inspected in order to make sure that they are running efficiently. Check filters and replace them immediately if they need replacement.

Take care of the pipes

Don’t forget to drain the outdoor pipes completely. This will prevent them from freezing in sub-zero temperature. Another security measure can be to cover the exposed part of the pipes with inexpensive foam pipe insulation.

Take care of the cracks

Inspect the edges of the doors, windows and exterior of the walls for the gaps and cracks. From such cracks and gaps heat escapes which leads to high energy bills.

Roof inspection

Be extra vigilant of the broken roof and chimney which in storms can come loose. Also, inspect the gutters to make sure that they are not blocked or anything. Blocked gutters are responsible for snow dams and leaks in ceilings which can cause some major trouble during the winter season.

Remove falling branches

Take a look at trees and remove any weak branches or trees. Such branches and trees can fall due to high winds or snow accumulation which can cause damage to person or property alike.

Clean chimneys

If your property enjoys the luxury of wood burning chimney then it is essential to call in a professional in order to get the chimney clean and inspect it for any possible signs of damage and obstruction.

This was just a basic list for preparing properties for the winter season. Depending upon the age and condition of the property there may be other steps which one must take in order to prevent the properties in the winter season.

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