Some Simple Tricks to help you Retain Your Tenants

by Property Management Software on December 31, 2016

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Rental business is growing day-by-day and one reason for this is the number of increased tenants in the rental market.  However, with this increased number of tenants in the market it is still a challenge for property managers to retain good tenants. Maintaining old tenants is much less expensive than locating, screening , approving and moving-in new ones and it is one of many other reasons why property managers want to pay attention to their tenants.

Of course renting by its own nature is transient and tenants will leave one day but still there are tenants who would love to live in the same community for longer periods of time than moving to a new rental every year.

By providing them good customer service you can make your tenants happy and help them in staying longer. Below are some reasons which every tenant will find compelling to stay as your tenant for a longer period of time.

  • Try to respond to the tenant’s maintenance request as soon as possible and handle them in a professional way. Keep the same attitude with other issues and problems as well and not only in case of maintenance and repair related issues. Tenants have the ability to remember how promptly and professionally there problems were solved.
  • Maintain the looks and quality of the properties with the help of scheduled maintenance and repairs as tenants quickly get dissatisfied when properties are not in the best of their health. Tenants tend to think of their rental as a home and takes maintenance related stuff very seriously. If it is not up to the mark then convincing them for renewal will be a tough job rather than just maintaining the property.
  • Change in the staff is also inevitable but at the same time maintaining the consistency is also important. Sometimes tenants become too attached with the personnel and also frequent change in the office staff also affects the overall performance of the business.

How do you maintain resident retention? Please share in the comments below.

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