Treating Tenants like VIP

by Property Management Software on January 4, 2017

2017 real estate trends Treating Tenants like VIP

Tenants bring business to the rental properties and therefore, it only makes sense to invest in the tenants. An excellent property management service is one which aims at strong tenant-manager relationships and has strong customer service as its core.

Flexible lease

It is important to have a standardize lease agreement but it is even more important to tweak it as per the situation. By providing the tenants in what’s included in the lease agreement you can actually help them in feeling more comfortable and at home as they live in your rental. For example, if you don’t allow pets and one of the eligible tenants have them then you can make changes in the agreement accordingly.

Anticipating tenant’s needs

A safe and well-maintained home and a neighborhood which fits their lifestyle is what tenants expect from their rental unit. The neighborhood certainly cannot be changed but still essential changes can be made in the property to suit their needs and with the help of regular maintenance programs properties can be kept in good health. Regular maintenance helps in preventing emergency repairs and thereby eliminating one major cause of stress in property management.

Understanding tenants

What tenants want? Actually the answer varies from person to person. Some tenants may need to sleep during day as they work during night some may want a safe yard where their children can play safely even when tenants are not around. By meeting every tenant personally only, you can figure out what matters to them and then add extra effort in making sure that at least that aspect of the property is in excellent condition.


Communication forms an important part of any business and a successful business cannot run without a well-established communication channel especially when there is an emergency repair. If your tenants were staying in an upscale hotel then all their concerns would be addressed as soon as possible and that with an apology. By using the online tenant portal you can give your tenant the ability to communicate with you even after the office hours.

What methods do you use to treat your tenants like VIP? Please share in the comments below.

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